Lacanea Living relies on the concept of a visitor of Chania to experience his visit and stay as a local. So they created a residence and want to achieve to organize the whole living experience of a visitor, providing other services too in the future. Their future goal is to create more similar residences and expand their services.


The house was still in renovation mode, so we had to create everything from the beginning. From branding to a multilingual website.

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Open Project
01. Challenges

The presentation of a house, which is neither a hotel nor a studio, with the aim of making the visitor feel at home in the center of Chania.

The whole concept of Lacanea is based on the intimacy that the house can offer. Their purpose is to make the visitor feel the warmth of home, combined with the hospitality of Crete.
All this had to be captured in La Canea’s online image.

02. Solutions

Research - Infromation structure

Throught we identified a lack of elegant and at the same time friendly houses for renting in the city of Chania. Yes the city is full of rooms to rent and hotels, but not many similar houses like Lacanea’s. By designing a custom design combined with great photo shooting, we would be able to show to the visitor the spitir of holidays Lacanea wants to provide.


The whole concept based to friendly and calm feelings, something that would make the guest feel that they will be protected what ever happens. The half opened circle represents the protection and warmth Lacanea offers, a place where you can enter and leave when ever you want but as long as you there, you feel like home.

UI Design

We were asked for very detailed wireframes for both desktop and mobile devices to eliminate possible doubts at an early stage.
Earth tones, elegant fonts and thin line icons and great photos were the main ingredients. 


Complete branding combined with appropriate typography and great photos, produced the right result

“The whole concept was new for us as well. We knew what we wanted to produce and show to our visitors, but didn’t know how to communicate it. Norder’s reached and exceed our expecations!”

Christini Spanoudaki
Owner of Lacanea

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