cryptocurrency focused on offering a fast, cheap global payments network that is decentralized in nature.
According to the project’s white paper, HNC Coin seeks to overtake widely established cryptocurrencies with similar technologies.


As project exists since 2015. When the leadership changed at 2021, they asked for our help for a new rebranding, new website and guides for digital marketing.

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    HNC Coin

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01. Challenges

The correct presentation of the advantages of the project and the cryptocurrency, in such a way that even a simple user would understand them.

Crypto-world is already full of tech terms and things that many people have hard time to understand. The challenge was to make the project as simple as possilbe in terms of navigation and easy for someone to understand the main tech principles and goals of HNC.

02. Solutions

Research - Infromation structure

Nowdays, the number of cryptocurrencies has increased rapidly. Many crypto’s websites rely totally on website templates, because usually there is lack of time and budget. That was the key difference in order for HNC to stand out. A design that communicate with users in simple terms and have the tech feeling at the same time.


The basis of the logo already existed from the HNC cryptocurrency exchange and after many discussions, it was decided not to change it, but to adapt it.
The logo of the HNC Coin was also created based on this.

Complementary elements were what completed the branding, such as typography.
The most basic of all, which was also the one with which the information structure was combined, was the creation of lotties animations, for each basic category of the website.

UI Design

The hardest part was to create the information structure with the available information and present it with the most informational way, in order for the user to get the structure and purpose of the whole project.

Appropriate typography and animation was added on the implementation in order to give a more tech feeling.


A clear and informative presentation of a cryptocurrency project

“Crypto industry it’s really new and young. There aren’t many referals even if you want to get ideas or compare. The criterion of success was that now the project is understandable to everyone.”

Claude Hallak
CEO of HNC Coin

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