Road STEAMer as an Horizon EU project, makes an effort to create a STEAM Roadmap for Science Education in Europe and in educational policy throughout the continent.


To create the branding and website of this EU Project

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    Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Wordpress

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01. Challenges

EU projects are not common projects and usually are difficult to communicate in simple terms.

Having members in our team with a lot of experience in the dissemination of European prjects, we decided to participate in a competition in order to create the dissemination of a new EU project, Road STEAMER. To our pleasant surprise, we won!
Almost all European projects of this type, at the beginning, have a difficulty in communicating and are characterized by not so simple terms, which makes the whole process a little more difficult compared to a more commercial project.
The road steamer as its main axis has the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), on which we also based for the creation of the branding of the project and subsequently of the website.

02. Solutions

Research - Infromation structure

Our research focused mainly around STEAM terms, what it represents and what it is trying to achieve. We wanted to illustrate in a simple but at the same time contagious way, each term of steam separately.


Since it was the beginning of the project, the material available was little, so the solution was to rely on the designs we would create in order to communicate the project in the best possible way.
The logo was based on the concept of the street combined with the 5 elements of STEAM. The concept of art is the central element of the logo, as it is one of the important elements and goal of the project, the integration of art into the concept of the STEM.
Our final addition was the creation and use of custom lotties, for each of the elements of the STEAM and not only.


Logo Concept

Graphic charter



UI Motion Design

After the branding was done, our main tool was Figma! All relevant elements were created in order to convey the visual branding on the website. Having created the lotties and based on the same idea, we created animations for other basic elements of the website such as buttons, loaders, sliders etc.


A friendly, easy to use website based on a complete branding

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