MINISCO Orthopedic Center

MINISCO is a modern orthopedic surgery center, based in Athens, Greece. MINISCO pertains to the philosophy of focusing on the uniqueness of each individual and providing solutions based on the individual’s needs, level of activity and medical history.


MINISCO wanted to promote a friendly approach to their orthopedic center, but most importantly, their overall look and feel needed to be easily understandable, modern and in some ways, minimalistic.

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01. Challenges

It is not easy to shine on a such demanding and competitive industry. The reflection of MINISCO philosophy on their online presence was the basic request.

Konstantinos Intzogloy, the head surgeon of the orthopedic center wanted to add many medical and scientific information, regarding orthopedic surgery. Navigation would be challenging.
He also mentioned that in rush hours, they were loosing some calls which could be possible lead to appointments.

02. Solutions

Infromation structure

We conducted market research to learn about the demands of this particular medical industry and the crucial components of doctor websites.

Analytics made it clear that a large number of visitors did not result in appointments. We did a brief usability study, and the results revealed that everyone was eager for an online appointment booking option. An online appointment booking form that additionally asks if a person would like a second opinion on his health was the apparent solution.

UI Design

We started with the mobile version of the webiste. We want to be certain how the lotties animation will look in combination with the rest information.
Earth tones, elegant fonts and thin line icons and great photos were the main ingredients.
The hardest part was to create actually the information architecture and actually understand all the available information and present it with the most informational way. That way, the user will get the structure and purpose of the whole project. 


Modern and fully informative online presentation of a great medical center

“This is the second time we work with NORDER and we believe that it would be hard to change. They treat all our projects like their own. Great team, great work.”

Konstantinos Intzoglou
Head Surgeon of MINISCO

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