Peristeri B.C.

Peristeri B.C. is one of the most historic Greek basketball clubs


Under new management, they did a complete reboot. In this context, they asked us to design and build a new website. The history of the club would be reflected and the modern design style would be adapted at the same time.

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01. Challenges

Keeping a historical record on such a website is everything

Historicity on such a website is very important. Staff, players, championships in Greece and Europe, and even the logos of the league’s teams change every year. This should be kept as a historical record for each year. Generally, everything should work dynamically under a flexible and easy to use environment.

02. Solution

Creation of dynamic custom post types

It is important that everything on the website be dynamic in order to maintain and operate it properly. Following this, we briefly followed the steps below:



Research in all known relevant European basketball clubs.


Creation of the some basic personas in order to understand the audience and how they interact with the website.


Registration of the elements that would make up the website (players, staff, leagues, etc.).


Creation of the first wireframes, presentation to the Peristeri’s team and made corrections.


Creation of the first prototypes, presentation to the Peristeri’s team.


Creation of dynamic custom elements for each object within the website.


Creation of an easy to use management system for the daily updates of the website.


Website design.


Presentation, corrections and testing.


Construction of the website.

UI Design

On these types of websites, everything is about immediate information. The home page bears the greatest weight, as it provides visitors with vital and basic information right away. In our research, we found that visitors are looking for ratings, the next matches, and the latest news.

A fast. modern website worthy of a basketball club of Peristeri's size.

“NORDER overcome our expectations. They predicted things we haven’t thought and proposed solutions for any worry we had. The whole process was smooth and right on schedule.”

Zoi Nikolaidou
General Manager of PERISTERI B.C.

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