Companies offering micromobility services have grown worldwide in recent years. This is also the subject of the German company EVEDIMA. Their goal was to develop branding from the ground up to communicate their services as simply and understandably as possible, through a new website.


When the people from EVEDIMA called us, they were already one of the best companies of their kind in Germany. They asked us to design their branding and create a multilingual website, before their launching in other countries of Europe.

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01. Challenges

We were asked to present the services of the company as briefly as possible. However, the objects themselves are complex.

After some research, we realized that not many people are familiar with terms like Micromobility Services. This gave a new perspective to the project, as each text EVEDIMA provided us with. had to be “translated” in terms which everyone could understand.

02. Solutions

Research - Infromation structure

The briefs we received were detailed, but research was required to dig deeper into specific topics and understand exactly what they had to offer. In this case, we always start with the competition, gather information about what everyone is doing, good or bad, analyze the data and compare it to our client’s performance in order to find the best solutions.


EVEDIMA has already decided on a color scheme ahead of time, which prooved to be a good start, since we had something similar in mind. They asked for something simple, easy to understand, easy to communicate, and modern at the same time.
The combination of location dots and plug symbols is the simplest and most understandable solution on which the entire brand should be based.

UI Design

As mentioned earlier, an easy-to-understand website is required. Since the information to be presented is small, SEO was not a major concern, so a one-page website was the solution. Combining the creation of custom icons and illustrations, we ware able to convey EVEDIMA’s message and create a comprehensive image of its services at the same time.


A combination of seperate sections in onepage website with custom illustrations and icons

“We reached NORDER after a recommendation. We were about to launch in Greece too besides other counties, so we thought it would helpful to have a partner there. We gave them a hard time, but team of NORDER responded perfectly. As a business, we don’t expect to gain customers though our website, but we needed a represantation worthy of our services level. They nailed it.”

Pantelis Friganiotis

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