THETA Biomarkers

Theta Biomarkers was founded in 2022 as a spinoff of the Biomic interdiscplianry laboratory of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki. Specialised on bioanalysis and metabolomics of biological samples (fluids and tissue).


They called us before their official launch, in order to create their branding and their website as well.

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01. Challenges

A startup it is always difficult to work with but challenging at the same time.

THETA Bimarkers is a company with medicine and science at its core and it is surrounded by only scientific terms. Its subject matter is very specific, which made the whole approach a bit difficult. But the main issue was the lack of any photographic material.

02. Solutions

Creation of custom icons

If you don’t have images and visual material in general, you have to create it! Separate icons were created for each THETA service, as well as their products. For the needs of the design, photos from a photo bank were also used.


They say the original idea is usually the best. THETA in Greek, is a letter of the Greek alphabet and is thus symbolized as Θ. We mentioned to the THETA team the reasoning that we want to somehow combine the letter Θ in the logo and they were excited. We created several drafts but it didn’t take us long to reach consensus. The colors were chosen accordingly, which are close to the context of medicine and give confidence.

UI Design

All the necessary elements of branding had been created and what completed the bases, were the fonts. We wanted to keep a modern style, as well as not fill it with effects and movements. In the end it is an informative website, with information and services. During the logo creation and always in collaboration with the team of THETA, a green shade was added. It was the final touch.
All pages are linked to each other as the visitor should not be left without a CTA.


A clear picture of who THETA is and what it does

“We couldn’t be happier with the result. NORDER they advised us throughout the project and always took our thoughts under consideration. I was impressed by the fact that even if we suggested something that was not nice, they always explained to us with arguments why it is wrong as a direction.

Dr. Olga Begou

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