Diogenis Store

Diogenis Store started operating as a physical store in Thessaloniki, Greece, selling mostly house devices and built an e-commerce site with thousands of electronic (mostly) products. The back end developing of the website was great, but the UI needed rebuild. That’s our part!


People from Diogenis Store called us in order to create the UI/UX of their new website.

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    Diogenis Store

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    Idees Digital

Open Project
01. Challenges

The goal was to create a user interface that would make navigation easy for users and at the same time, be able to predict the possibility of more product categories.

Our main challenge was to develop an easy-to-use interface that would allow users to intuitively find their way around, as well as take into account the potential for future expansion of product categories.

02. Solutions

Ιmproved structure

Basic principal of UX is that the user comes first, always. So this was what we had in mind on the process of designing. We want to make sure that each user has a positive experience and can easily find what they are looking for.

The original products’ structure was the beginning of the problem. I knew that I had to recreate the categories and navigation in order to prevent further confusion and make it easier for users to purchase items. Using custom designed icons and filters made navigation much simpler. Finally, I also redesigned the card steps to streamline the purchase process.

UI Design

The design for the Diogeni’s website was inspired by the company’s logo. Sharp angles and bold, modern fonts were used to create a sleek, minimalist look. The homepage is divided into six main categories, making it easy for users to find the information they need.
Sketches, wireframing, and final design were completed in stages.


A UI Design with carefully integrated a series of UX tools that help Diogenis convert many online customers.


Revenue Growth


Lower Bounce Rate


Avg. Session Duration

“From the very beginning, our Achilles heel was product categorization–something that seemed like an unsolvable problem. But the Norder team convinced us of the best solution with their analysis and arguments. We also saw this solution in action when we began using the website. Great people to work with!”

Giorgos Ainalis
Owner of Diogenis Store

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