Tourism industry is vital to Greece’s prosperity. Amoopi is a family friendly resort in Karpathos, made with love from a Greek, Karpathian family. Τhey renovated all their facilities and it was time for a rebranding.


Amoopi called on Norder to revamp their brand identiry and position them at the forefront of modernization. At the same time they needed a brand new website.

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    Amoopi Nymfes

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01. Challenges

Their complete renovation and the image they wanted to reflect as a resort. had to be identified with their new branding. With little and essential information, their audience should be able to find what they're looking for immediately and quickly.

They were already operating many years with their old website and after their renovation the categories of the rooms, what they offer as well as the surrounding areas had to be presented correctly and clearly.

They use three different categories of rooms which had to be simultaneously represented by the branding. Basic elements of the resort were the peace the place provides, leisure and the private beach. One of the best places on island of Karpathos for family vacations.

02. Solutions


Sun and sea are the main and most important elements of Greek islands. Amoopi is one of the most famous beaches of the island and Amoopi Resort is the only one at that beach. After the resort’s renovation, the goal was to create a branding worthy of the resort and the physical location that surrounds it.

UI Design

The goal was to expose the main three pillars of the resort. “Stay”, “Taste” and “Discover”. Bounce time on their old website was high, so the whole information had to be simpler and direct to its guests. The first 3 months, the results were -35% on bounce time.


Clear messages, easy navigation has led to an increase in bookings per season.

“We were demanding from the start and to be honest, we didn’t have anything specific in mind. The pressure and stress created by the renovation were transferred to our entire collaboration with Norder. Nevertheless, the way they were working reassured us and everything went well. We were fully satisfied with the proposals presented to us and it didn’t take us long to arrive at both the branding part and the website.”

George Ioannidis
Manager of Amoopi Resort

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